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Six Word Stories

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


I can’t…make it stop -

- Shreelakshmi B K

98 new followers, 0 new messages.

- Pooja Venkatesh

They started slowly as she cried.

- Prajna Praveen

Weighed out his portion. Didn't eat.

- Varsha Ananth Murthy

Persephone walked in. “You don’t belong.”

- Reena Menon

Shadows and graffiti; where’s the torch?

- Khushboo Gursahani

Does the killer's serenade haunt you?

- Aarati Manoj

You might need me.... I don’t.

- Sasha Sydney Pereira

Old clothes: fingers touching new warmth.

- Rajeshwari Tagore

All group pictures are now cropped.

- Navya Juneja

Google: How does one fake happiness?

- Keerthana J

"She left? Breathe and let go."

- Granthana Mistry

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