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The department’s courses mainly address its student’s ability to read, write and think critically about the world around her. It does so through various interdisciplinary ways: from courses in Media and Culture Studies to practical, output based assignments like journalistic fieldwork and documentary making. Furthermore, the department’s emphasis on application-based learning provides the student with the invaluable ability to absorb theory and transform it into practice in different fields. This is achieved through individual and collaborative projects, learning related software, and having the opportunities to learn from the disciplines of history, business studies, political science and psychology. What accumulates over the course of the three years is a strong competency in language, media related technology and a readiness for the industry.


The department is also proud of its close connection to the industry and extends the same to the students in two ways – we have industry experts guide our students in the capacity of guest faculty, and also give us advice from their position as members in the Board of Studies. 


This is an interdisciplinary, skill-based programme that introduces students to design, radio, film, literature studies, creative writing, marketing communication, digital content strategy, and media studies. Students graduate the course with an industry-ready portfolio of creative work, and a strong foundation in academic research. In our programme, students learn: 

  • Print 

  • Radio

  • Design

  • TV And Film 

  • Media And Law 

  • Cultural Studies

  • Research Methods

  • Corporate Communications 

  • Developmental Communications 

  • Marketing Communications



A popular combination course since its inception in 1996, the combination of Psychology with English Literature and the vocation-oriented Communicative English has produced an entire generation of successful psychologists and communication professionals. Students who opt for this programme are accessing a solid foundation in the richness and complexity of the human mind by studying psychology and creative writing. A rigorous hands-on approach to humanities research,  writing and designing communication strategies across media and literary platforms also develops vocational abilities, making it a course with 100% placements. In this course, students learn:

  • Short fiction

  • Poetry

  • Non-Fiction

  • Linguistics

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Industrial Psychology

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