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The Communications Club, or CommE Club, is the creative brainchild of the Department of Communication Studies.  It consists of students from all three years, coming together to host exciting events, showcases, and more. The club’s activities allow us to bond with our fellow coursemates and apply classroom learning to practical experiences. From the annual Jugalbandi series, workshops, and screenings, to new additions to our calendar like Discourses, we take great pride in the variety of events we host every year.

​The biggest event of them all is, of course, CommE Live.  We’re so pleased to announce that we’re back with our annual department fest CommE Live 2024  –  Come join us to celebrate all things Media, Art and Communication!

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The Department of Communication Studies is back with its biggest event of the year! 

Come join us at CommE Live ’24, where we celebrate all things media, art, and communication. 

CommE Live is an annual celebration of all things Media, Art and Communication! We come up with a diverse range of events from competitions to workshops and a lot more. Current students showcase their work, such as research papers, poetry, photography, etc. It’s the perfect opportunity for all prospective students to not only meet the whole faculty but also get a glimpse of what the average experience is in our CommE family and be part of the CommE culture!  


Catch us next February for the next edition of CommE Live!

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