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Poems on Sand

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


in my shoes;

between my toes -

the desert!

- Pragnya Srihari

Grain by grain,

then all at once,

the footprints disappear

with the wind.

- Roshni Haridas

Grains of sand scatter away

to go where the wind takes them;

the sun watches silently.

- Sirisha Manoharan

The sun slowly heats up the sand dunes,

marking the start of

a brand new day.

- Mahita Sanil

The wind blows lightly,

carrying the tanned sand farther away.

It’s hot, but it’s pleasant.

The cacti that I see

Reminds me of security:

We protect ourselves with our thorns.

But we need a lot more to survive.

- Reena Menon

Sand swarms

around us in the desert.

The man, and his camel

Take another step.

- Varsha Ananth Murthy

The soil that's really yellow,

above all others,

is the sand.

Down, down, down

into its darkness -

gently it goes:

the cowardly, the brave,

the fearful, the powerful.

- Aarati Manoj

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