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Inventory Poem

~ Gayathri Nair

stolen samsung S10, by 2 bikers, koramangala, near shell petrol pump, 21st may, saturday

1| instagram 2| snapchat 3| that one horoscope app that said we were perfect 4| folder 'm' 160 pictures of you 5| the copy-pasted texts on notes 6| “let’s kiss under the blue lights”, "fuck it, i love you", "for m" and other spotify playlists 7| the texts that ended it all 8| my friends’ contacts 9| their texts that say this isn't okay 10| tinder 11| uber

to- do list

● clean the house

● call him

● get whiskey, coke and ice

● get lots of ice

● scream, cry and yell at him

● download bumble

● tell him you still love him

● quit alcohol

● go the chin lungs

● get whiskey, coke and ice

● get lots of ice

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